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Architectural Renderings and Drawings in Calgary | Susan Rust Interior Design

Architectural Renderings

Admiring and preserving great architecture and beautiful historic homes has always been a passion to Susan. Her love and appreciation of architecture and design inspires her to artistically preserve and record architectural details and design through her hand rendered architectural renderings of beautifully designed Homes and buildings around North America.

Preserve and cherish the design and memories of your existing or previous Home or Building by having a custom, hand drawn Architectural Rendering done.

All commissioned custom Architectural Renderings are hand drawn and rendered with ink and watercolors. Renderings can be created from an existing Home or Building or from a photograph of a previous Home or Building.

Who wants custom hand drawn Home Architectural Renderings done?

  • Anyone who is interested in preserving architectural history of a current or past home that they have lived in.
  • Anyone who is interested in preserving the architectural history of a past or present building or property
  • Anyone who is proud of their existing, childhood or previous home or has a sentimental connection to it and wants to share that attachment with all those who will admire it hanging on their wall.

Susan is pleased to provide Commissioned Renderings for: 

Historic Homes

Newly built Homes

Childhood Homes 

Previous Homes 

First Homes 

Family Cabins

Historic Buildings 

Housewarming Gifts

Architectural Renderings start @ $600

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For more info please contact Susan at 403-837-4151 or